Friday, June 1, 2012

Nail Art Tools

In my quest to create a better or should I say perfect dots on my nail art designs, I've searched for dotting tools and nail art brush in our local shops here in the city, but sadly I wasn't able to find one. My last option is the internet, so I've searched for an online shop that sells these stuffs and I'm so lucky to find them at multiply marketplace. 

I've ordered the following tools and paid P390.00 for them. And to be able to avail the free shipping when I reached a minimum order of P 400.00, I included in my online purchase two more sets of these tools for my friend and her office mate who are into the craze too.

Here are the tools that I have placed in my shopping cart.

Set of 5 different sizes of dotting tools.

 Set of 12 different shapes and sizes of nail art brushes.

Set of 3  stripping brushes of different length.

With these tools in hand, I hope I'll be able to improve my designs in the future.

I'm still in the process of experimenting these tools, and hopefully I'll be able to identify which of them are best suited for me.

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  1. i love playing colors to my nails too, what is the name of the multiply shop? thanks


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