Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inside My Polish Box

After two months into this craze I was able to collect 39 bottles of nail lacquers. Out of the 39 bottles only the LA Colour (Mettallic Copper) is an imported brand that I got from SAVERS at P99.00. The rest are local brands that are also of high quality and with different shades and colors. 

Why choose local brands? 

Aside from calling it patriotism, supporting our own products, local brands are also cheaper and affordable compared to imported brands (though I still hope to get some one of these days)

Anyway these are the nail lacquers inside my polish box the I got less than P40.00 ($1) per piece.








LA Colours

Sassy Nail Art

And in addition I also acquired a Caronia Kwik-dry.

Yesterday, I went to SM City and got my self another set of nail lacquers. I'll post it later after I have tried it, and will probably do some personal reviews.


  1. wow, that's quite a lot of nail polish. I also love to pamper my nails

  2. oh my, that's what you call a nail polish enthusiast there!

  3. that's a lot of nail polish! :)
    i want to start pampering my nails too, so which brand do you recommend from all these?
    thanks in advance!

  4. I am slowly getting the nail polish "addiction," too! Right now I have a little over 30 bottles, mostly are local brands, too. I have yet to try Caress and OMG. :)


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