Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Birth of Nails and Kolours

Today, I decided to create a separate blog about my new passion, my new addiction. This blog is all about nails, nail polishes, nail arts and a lot more.

Though I am fond of having my nails done before, but only until 2 months ago that I became addicted to it after a friend of mine introduced me to nail art. She was a newbie too, and seeing her experimenting designs on her nails, woke up my inner interest. 

After that I bought some nail polishes and nail art pens in a local store here in the city and made my first ever design.

Four-petal flowers on top of a platinum shade base coat nail polish. 

This very simple flower design looks so cute on my nails though, lol... and it took me more than two hours to do it after several trials and errors and half bottle of acetone wasted because of several removal of bad attempts but it really was worth it. I was so satisfied with my first ever work of art.

Honestly, I am a person that has no interest on make-ups and cosmetics, I settle myself with press powder, a little bit of cheek tint and lip gloss and I'm off to go. But this time I found my new fashion passion, that is beautifying my nails. I feel pretty whenever I see my nails nicely done. It feel so relieving, it's like wearing a striking lipstick on my lips. Well, the feeling must be the same after all nail polishes are the new lipsticks of this era.


  1. beautiful WHITE nails and cute design :-) Dropping by from WW

  2. those are cute designs... love the petals! congrats on your new blog! late visit for WW! here's mine:

  3. This is your first design? Not bad! Not at all. I hope I can color my nails too, I've always envied people with cute nail arts. Its just hard for me because work doesn't permit. Anyways, where did u learn all those things? parang you also woke up my inner interest heheheh :)

  4. i love those petals, too!! I know how it feels to have nicely manicured nails.. and that's one thing that I miss in Thailand. I know I could manicure myself, but I have to yet master the art. haha... thanks for joining WW!


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