Friday, May 4, 2012

Nail Art: Go Dots

For a beginner like me, I always go for a very easy design to do on my nails, even as easy as making dots still took me sometime to complete. Using three (3) sizes of dotting tools that I have bought online, I made my second piece the "go dots" nail art.

These are the locally bought nail polishes that I have used. Bobbie's Glaze Parasail (violet) as base color. While for the dots I have used OMG's First Date (Pink), OMG's Banana Boat (Yellow) and Chic's Silky White.

I placed the dots diagonally and alternately on each finger. Here goes the final result.

A very easy design for beginner like me.


  1. Wow very nice girl, i will try it one of these days if hindi busy..

  2. Very pretty!

    Late visit for MYM. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  3. very cute and pretty especially the PINK ones :-) my little girl will love these nail polish :-) Dropping by from PF

  4. So pretty! I really admire you nail art designs~


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