Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Earring Hooks and Hoops

Our little man's 1st birthday party was over therefore I have spare time to do my side line. As promised I already have started to make handmade jewelries that will be sent to my SIL.

Last night, I vowed to make 20 pairs of earring hooks before going to bed. But instead of 20 pairs, I was able to make only 12 pairs of hooks and 6 pairs of earring hoops. Yay! I was so sleepy to continue. Anyway, at least I have an accomplishment and these hooks and hoops are the components I needed to make dangling earrings.

Now that I already have these, my next step is to choose which swarovski crystals to use and what design to make. As much as possible my aim is to produced jewelries that are inexpensive but still elegantly looking, so that our costumers will be able to afford it for their love ones.

Let's wait and see in the coming days, will I able to produce it? I hope so..

By the way I purposely used tissue paper as background so that this post can join the Wednesday Whites meme. winks*


  1. ooohhh, swarovski! you can easily make money if you sell these jewelries ^^

  2. kamao diay ka ani Jan... asa ka nag practice ani, I mean nag training ka? gusto jud ko ani ba kaya lang wa ko kabalo asa mag practice hahaha. TY diay sa WW visit.

  3. liked the jewelry, wish you luck in the business. Returning the visit for Wednesday Whites.

  4. awesome accessories! I'm sure may will buy them..God bless!Thanks for visiting my site..

  5. aww thanks for thinking of Wednesday whites while doing your craft! I am a fan of your jewelry Jan! I envy your talent. I am looking forward to photos of those creations of yours next time! thanks for joining..

  6. Love these earrings, wait for more coming out, bless your business succeed.


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