Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swarovski Bracelets for Little Princess

This year I vowed to try my best to expand JanzCrystal Handcrafts. Aside from creating handmade jewelries for ladies I'll be making pieces for little ladies too, of course using only Austrian Swarovski Crystals. Thus, I'm sharing to you a very simple yet elegant creation that will fit your little princesses cute wrist.

a rose and crystal ab combination

an aquamarine and crystal ab combination
multicolor crystal beads combination

These bracelets we're designed using 6mm round swarovski crystal beads joined by .64mm thick 14k gold filled wire, and 14k gold-filled spring ring locke. Pieces were made with quality hand craftsmanship.

Feel free to visit our FB Page and Online Shop for details.

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  1. wow,how much is that sis??? want one for my tot :)

    very pretty!

    visiting from PF!

    here are my entries:

    hope you can visit one of my entries too, thanks!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. hi vhen.. please do check my FB Page andun ang price nya.. thanks

  3. very cute jan. you are creative.

    mel cole @ Love Home Grow Garden

  4. aaww... ure right! cute for pretty little princesses!
    late visit/reply for PF!
    Following you now!

  5. Thats relly cute, i remember yung usong uso pa yung crafting ng mga ganyan, mahal ng binta nila, i think uso pa rin hanggang ngayon. very creative

  6. very creative jud ka Jan..if i'll hve one cute angel soon i'll get her this pretty bracelet

  7. They're nice! Pang baby girl talaga! You are very creative sis! :)

    My pinks:
    Bleeding Hearts
    Hearty Fluffy Pillow
    Roses on my 28th B-day
    Thanks and I hope to see you at mine! :)

  8. Hello Sis,
    very delicate and pretty bracelets, loved them, visiting from pf, hope you visit me back here if you did thank you so much.

    have a nice day

  9. wow, you're into business? loved the bracelet. nice one!

  10. Swaroski is a well known brand in the jewellery industry.The ornaments for kids are not available very easily.Thanks for the handcrafted jewellery you provide for our kids.


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