Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Couch Potato # 1

This is my first time to join Tuesday Couch Potato and decided to have it here in my craft blog. Why because this blog is not only about handmade crafts, arts, jewelries, fashion but also about anything that I do on my free time i.e.enjoying movies, tv series, etc. etc.

For this week's theme is about Age-Swapping Movies. 

The only movie I've seen that fits the theme is 17 Again starred by Zac Efron. 

It's the story of Mike O'Donell a high school basketball superstar who abandoned his dream and married his girlfrried Scralett after learning she was pregnant. Twenty years later he finds his life at complete loss, his wife separates with him because of his regrets in abandoning his college scholarship. He wished to re-live his youth, thus this came true courtesy of mysterious janitor who transformed him into 17 Again.


  1. Welcome to TCP January.
    You're right that there aren't a lot of age-swapping movies so 17 Again seems like a good choice.In fact I must be the only person involved who hasn't watched it yet:)

  2. nice entry! same as mine.. lol! really nice film, Zac was great..


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