Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Star & Crystal Bicone Set

Whoa! I took me a long time to update this blog. I have been busy lately with my life's added role that is being a Mom.

My sister-in-law keeps on bugging me with her orders. She's the one selling my products to her co-teachers.

Waah..I have more than one month to complete her ordered jewelries before the school starts. Hope I can do it on time...crossfingers..

In the meantime, I'm sharing to you one of my designs. A black star and crystal bicone bracelet and earring set.

My first entry for Chic in Black Monday.

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Have a Nice Day!


  1. Oh they so pretty set..I used to make bead jewelries...happy CIBM!mine is up...

  2. beautiful sets there jan:)

    my first time joining..hope you have time to check it out:)

  3. Ooh, love it especially the earrings, so Chic! I have big wrists so I usually can't buy ready-made bracelets :(

    Congrats on your added role (wink wink). It's sooooo hard but all worth it, right? :D

    Thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday. I hope to see more of your fab works in the coming weeks!

  4. just beautiful! I followed your blog and your twitter. I hope you can follow back.!/MomandRC

  5. that's beautiful. comment is back on my blog. I had it re-designed!

  6. Whoa! I like your creations!!!I'm so into jewelries and beads. Thanks for viiting me at :Chasing Watrerfalls at Balite Falls. Following you now.

  7. i want to learn how make jewelry. i'm into crafts as well.

  8. this is so beautiful. i love black gems and stones=)

    mine is up:

  9. I do admire you for being crafty and artistic, a talent which I love to have but unfortunately, I am not really artistic and patient enough to do similar projects....


    Mine is up at Chic in Black #19


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