Monday, September 6, 2010

Swarovski Crystals: How are they made?

Do you wonder how this very famous jewelry crystal ever made? Well, Swarovski Crystals do not actually occur naturally unlike other gem stones, instead they are man made. As a requirement in making crystals, they consist of 32 percent lead that allows the materials to withstand cutting and engraving. It was Daniel Swarovski who made the fomula for crystals in 1890.

Originally, crystals were composed of an alkali, silica and lime. Lead was then added to create a better quality crystal. The 32% lead content requirement is needed in order to maximize refraction.

Lastly, to achieve the look of the crystals, they are cut using the same precision-cutting process in which diamonds are cut.

And remember that, Authentic Swarovski Crystals are made only in Austria.


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