Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 Things I am Thankful For

I read about this game on one of the blog i visited it is about Ten on Tuesday. Every week the site owner a theme on anything on your Top 10, activities, things, movies, songs, situations anything under the sun and this looks fun so I decided to try.

The theme for today is "10 Things You are Thankful For". Here's mine...

1. God Almighty for bringing me in this wonderful world
2. Memories of my parents (My Mom died on March 2007 and 2 years after just last March 2009 my dad passed away too)
3. My very kind and loving husband
4. After the transition period of the company we worked for, my husband and I were rehired by the new management.
5. My entry level DSLR camera (an anniversary gift from my hubby)
6. I can do crafts especially handmade jewelries
7. I can play badminton competitively
8. Food trip and chatting after badminton games with friends and playmates
9. Coffee - because I can't start my day without it
10. My neighbor's wifi signal (since I don't have an internet line yet)

I guess that's it, the 10s I can think of this moment... there are still more...

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  1. I miss playing badminton. Haven't played since coming to the U.S.


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