Monday, October 26, 2009

Rose & Sapphire Rosaries

Luckily I had a travel to Metro Manila last week and was able to visit some of the bead & accessories suppliers in Quiapo and finally two of Analyn's orders were completed.
I made her rose and sapphire "HOLY ROSARIES" beaded with 6mm & 8mm round swarovski crystals strung with sterling silver 6mm wire. The crucifixes are also 925 silver except for the "centerpieces" (sorry for that I can't find a sterling silver for that).

I had all the materials ready for the rest of her orders. I'll share it on the next series of post. SO watch out for it.

Just tell me if you want the same items too... I'll be happy to make it for you.

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  1. I am interested 'Holy Rosary' in the rose, but how much it cost and how long take you to make one


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