Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink Bangle and Earring Set for Wynona

I was thinking deeply last night on a new project but my head seems to be blank and I have an order due on Sept 17, 2009.

So I decided to make a bangle bracelet (JCB-02) but this time the swarovski crystals are arranged on a diagonal stripes. I then made also a pair of earrings with (JCE-03) style to match with the bangle. I did slight changes on the earring style by replacing 4 gold spacers into crystals.

The bangle and earring were done, now my problem is how I gonna present it. I searched my big boxes at home for my jewelry box stocks (which I forgot where they were inserted after my transfer from ZC) and chose a pink one to match the set. I wasn’t able to buy pink ribbons so I salvaged some from old chokers too.

So that’s it a Birthday Present ordered by my former colleague intended for her best friend Wynona.


  1. interesting hobby. i think one should be very patient while finishing this craft :-)

    thanks for dropping at my site :-)

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  3. That's a very pretty set. And I love the way you packaged it too!


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