Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girly Star Bracelet & Earring Set

Prooh my officemate told me that her 4-year old daughter was jealous of the jewelry set he gave his wife that he’d ordered from me. So he asked me to create a bracelet earring set fit for a 4-year old girl.

I rummaged my bead boxes looking for bead crystals with pastel or light colors, and I’ve found some cute peridot star beads. To enhance the prettiness of the star beads, I added a little combination of 4mm rose pink and amethyst bicone crystals and 4mm 14k gold-filled ball spacer.

As a result, a cute girly star bead bracelet was created.

To match the bracelet, I decided to craft a hoop earring with 2 bicone beads as dangling, same size and color with the bracelet.

Finally, a cute pink pouch for packaging.

Like it? Just contact me... :)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coral Crystal Earring

Here's a new crystal shape by Swarovski the 2-prig coral crystal.

Align Center
I used a light topaz crystal to create this sea-creature looking dangling earrings.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learn the basic of Handcrafting Jewelries

I realized, as a jeweller or should I say a “craft enthusiast” I should allow myself to share some of the basic technique in creating a simple handcrafted jewelries so that other will have the opportunity to learn on their own or on their spare time the how to’s on this craft-category, and discover the talent hidden within.

So friends, watch out for the upcoming my version of how to’s to be posted here soon. I have to do some picture taking, procedure, etc. etc. etc.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Round Ring Danglings

Let's go Rings.. Here's a round ring swarovski crystal made in to a dangling earring.

A round ring swarovski crystals made into a simple dangling earrings

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Crystal Cosmic Earrings

My bead box found a cosmic-cut swarovski crystal.

A stunning white crystal AB swarovski made into a dangling earring
suitable for any occasion.

Swarovski Cosmic Crystal Dangling Earrings

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Flat Teardrop Earrings

Are you tired of seeing commonly used teardrop crystals?
that is a little rounded and has pointed edge?

If you do, try this faceted flat swarovski crystal dangling earrings
one of new shapes/cuts in my bead box.. available in magma red, jet black, and crystal AB

Swarovski Faceted Flat Teardrop Dangling Earrings

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Hearts and Rounds Bracelets

a stunning heart and round swarovski beads
combination creating a simple yet elegant bracelet.

item 1: a purple 8mm heart beads with light amethyst 6mm round swarovski beads.

item 2: a light amethyst 8m heart beads with purple velvet 6mm round swarovski bead.


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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heart & Twist Bracelet (JCE-07)

A combination of 12mm Heart Swarovski Beads and 14mm Swarovski Twist Bead Crystals joined together using 14k gold filled jewelry wire.

Picture 1 – Copper Twist & White AB Heart Beads

Picture 2 – Light Topaz Twist & Copper Heart Beads

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