Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is a 14k Gold-Filled Wire?

A 24 karat is a pure gold and is so soft which makes it impossible to utilize in wire wrap jewelry. Thus, a 14/20 wire or 1/20 rolled gold wire is created to substitute pure 24 karat gold.

A 14/20 gold wire is produce by a very sophisticated process by taking a sheet of 14 karat gold and bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious brass metal. The end result is a 14k tube which is strong, durable and resistant to tarnish because of its 14 karat gold covering.

Please don’t be mistaken it with “gold plate” because gold filled has greater value or has an actual layer of gold unlike gold plate that only has a microscopic film of karat gold.

A 14k gold-filled or 14/20 gold wire is a superior product that contains much more gold and will not peel-off when bent, hammered or heated.

Our products are created using 14/20 Gold Filled wire and components to complement the elegance of Swarovski Crystals beads and pendants.


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