Friday, July 10, 2009

How I started My Passion in Handcrafting Jewelries

Pliers and wires are part of my life since college, early years at work were I’m on maintenance field assignments as an electrical engineer. But after I got transferred to planning and operations I'm stuck with pen, papers and computers and few years after I shifted and discovered another side of me. I realized that I can still put my skills in electrical wiring into another field that is jewelry making were in wires and pliers are also the basic tools.

I started my craze in handcrafting jewelry in Metro Manila sometime in 2007, as a hobby to kill boredom of living alone in this very busy capital city of the Philippines. Made my first “craft” a bangle style bracelet wherein I had a series of trial and errors until I got the right technique. I showed it to my office mate and luckily I had my first customer, my first sale. From there I explored, looked for suppliers, searched for tutorials, seek new designs new inspirations to continue my venture, my passion as a handcrafted jewelry artisan.

I started this site to show-off my journey as a part-time artisan and not only that I want to share too whatever I bump while trekking my life as an employee, a friend, a wife and a person.


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