Friday, July 31, 2009

JCB-01 Crystal & Gold Ball Bangle

First bracelet I ever made.

A 34-pieces 4mm Bicone Crystals AB purple velvet and white crystal AB combination wrapped with 3mm 14k gold filled ball spacer using 14k gold filled jewelry wire.

Accept order.

You can customize your choice of crystal colors.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is a 14k Gold-Filled Wire?

A 24 karat is a pure gold and is so soft which makes it impossible to utilize in wire wrap jewelry. Thus, a 14/20 wire or 1/20 rolled gold wire is created to substitute pure 24 karat gold.

A 14/20 gold wire is produce by a very sophisticated process by taking a sheet of 14 karat gold and bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious brass metal. The end result is a 14k tube which is strong, durable and resistant to tarnish because of its 14 karat gold covering.

Please don’t be mistaken it with “gold plate” because gold filled has greater value or has an actual layer of gold unlike gold plate that only has a microscopic film of karat gold.

A 14k gold-filled or 14/20 gold wire is a superior product that contains much more gold and will not peel-off when bent, hammered or heated.

Our products are created using 14/20 Gold Filled wire and components to complement the elegance of Swarovski Crystals beads and pendants.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swarovski Earring Collection

I just love earrings. So here are my recent collection...

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What is Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski (Austrian) Crystal was established by Daniel Swarovski in 1895, shortly after his invention of an automatic crystal cutting machine. These precision-cut lead crystals are made as a luxury good in the form of beads, rhinestones, pendants, crystal sculptures and miniatures, chandeliers and the like. Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead to maximize light refraction. Special coatings are sometimes given to the crystals to allow light to refract in a rainbow spectum, the most popular of which is Aurora Borealis, or "AB".

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Bracelets Collection

My sister-in-law does the selling of my creations to her co-teachers. Since they wanted a more elegant looking fashion jewelries I used swarovski crystals and 14k gold filled components instead of other materials to create my collection.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

How I started My Passion in Handcrafting Jewelries

Pliers and wires are part of my life since college, early years at work were I’m on maintenance field assignments as an electrical engineer. But after I got transferred to planning and operations I'm stuck with pen, papers and computers and few years after I shifted and discovered another side of me. I realized that I can still put my skills in electrical wiring into another field that is jewelry making were in wires and pliers are also the basic tools.

I started my craze in handcrafting jewelry in Metro Manila sometime in 2007, as a hobby to kill boredom of living alone in this very busy capital city of the Philippines. Made my first “craft” a bangle style bracelet wherein I had a series of trial and errors until I got the right technique. I showed it to my office mate and luckily I had my first customer, my first sale. From there I explored, looked for suppliers, searched for tutorials, seek new designs new inspirations to continue my venture, my passion as a handcrafted jewelry artisan.

I started this site to show-off my journey as a part-time artisan and not only that I want to share too whatever I bump while trekking my life as an employee, a friend, a wife and a person.

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