Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crystal White + Sapphire Charmed Swarovski Bracelet

After the series of jade bracelets I made less than a month ago, I'm finally back with the crystals. Yep! Yesterday, I did a charmed/dangling bracelet using my first love the Swarovski crystals. 

Per request of my officemate Ma'am Annie, I made her sapphire + crystal white combination bracelet to pair with her old earrings which she asked me to do a makeover which I will be posting as soon as I finish it. As always the components used are of 14/20 gold filled, guaranteed, will not fade nor tarnish as long as you keep it clean and free from dust. 

I already made quite few bracelets and earrings for my officemates and so far the items they got from me are still looking great. Aside from using authentic materials, the wires used to join them together are of thicker diameter, that means they will not easily break. Because I always make it a point that my creations are of quality. 

So if you want any of my creations, I'm just an email away. :-)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nail Art: Olive Green + Tropical Lemon Polka Dots

The other night I planned to make some hair bows for my little girl. It was an opportunity because husband was at home and will look after the kids. But upon looking at my nails which were so crooked and ugly with all the dry skin and cuticle I decided to do something about it. Just in time my point fingernail had grown enough for a manicure after the cut it experienced the week before.

Remember the olive green nail polish from Etude House that I have posted before? I used it again because this color really matched my handmade jade bracelet.

I wanted something catchy for this week's manicure so I decided to have an accent nail using the Tropical Lemon of San San from HBC. 

I thought I'll be very much contented with plain colors, but the other side of me was whispering "when was the last time you decorated your nails? Go for nail art now!" Thus, the polka dot nail art was created... the easiest nail art I can think of.

Using the same nail lacquers, I marked my nails with random dots, then sealed it with a fast dry top coat Seche Vite. And look at the result? Quite cool, huh! Summery still!

I asked husband to take some shots of both hands, just to let you see how these nail art looks like on my 10 fingernails.

Overall impact! Neat, clean and WOW! hihihi ☺

P.S. the photos above were taken using my smartphone, the assistive light app is really of great help! ☺

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A Friendship Gift

On Monday morning, I found this pink box on my table with a sweet note from Sandy.

An unexpected gift coming from a young lady engineer who chose not to renew her contract after it expired last Friday. I asked her the reasons why she has to leave when she is already in a company where fresh graduate electrical engineers wanted to be. I did advise her to reconsider because opportunities to be working here only come once, especially to us who graduated from a not so well known school and not to waste it and wait for a while until she'll get a regular post. But she has other reasons why she made the decision and should be respected.

So to you Sandy, good luck and have a safe trip back home or to the place you want to be. I'm glad to be part of your life and in the early part of your career, and it was an honor teaching and guiding you as well. May God guide you and give you what you pray for.

And thank you for giving me this gift, you sure know the other side of me. This set of earrings/jewelry holder will be very useful, especially when photographing my handmade creations.

Again, thank you dear Sandy! ☺

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yellow and Orange Clippies for Babies

After the two consecutive ribbon hair bow elastic headbands, I'm now shifting to hair clips. Yep! Aside from the grosgrain ribbons and fold over elastics, I also bought bare clips of different types and sizes.

Using a 3/8" of yellow and orange grosgrain ribbons, I made a pair of hair clippies. A very simple and easy to do ribbon hair clips for babies.

I should have written a tutorial here but sadly, when I made this one hubby is not around to take the step by step photos. So for now I'll just show you the finish product and will definitely make series of tutorials next time.

My adorable model did a pretty pose here with a little timid to an all out smile face. :-)

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Flower Loop Dora Elastic Headband

I am already enjoying this newly found craft. Ribbons and bows are really addicting, especially when you'll see your finished product and have it worn by your most precious model. The feeling is just amazing!

So without further ado, I'm showing to you my second ribbon hair bow creation, a flower loop hair bow elastic headband. I prefer headbands for my little girl that is why my the first two projects are of course headbands! grin!

I wanted to make a tutorial as well for this post, but unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph some of the steps. (I can't do the sewing, and photo taking at the same assistant that time huh!)

To make the flower loop hair bow of 2.5" bow size we'll need four (4) pre-cut 3/8" grosgrain ribbon 7 inches in length and another 4 with 6 inches length.

You can always experiment with color combinations, mine, I chose plain hot pink, plain white, polka dot brown and Dora printed grosgrain ribbons. Just follow the rest of the instructions here. The same video tutorial I watched.

After making the figure 8 fold and sewing it together, I attached it to a fold over elastic and it's done! 

Ready for the awaiting model...


Baby Jewel with my 2nd ribbon hair bow created personally with love and patience just for her. :-)
What do you think?  :-)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Double Pink Polka Elastic Headband

When I learned that we'll be having a baby girl, I have planned to learn crocheting baby accessories and ribbon hair bow making. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that I already self-learned and made simple crochet accessories for my little girl with the help of YouTube tutorials. Then last week, these crafty hands of mine finally had ventured in the latter after I received the materials I ordered online.

Too excited, I searched YouTube again for simple and easy to follow ribbon hair bow tutorial and this is what I decided to do a flat boutique bow.   

By just following the instruction I was able to come up a very cute hair bow made of grosgrain ribbons that I have attached to a 13" long fold over elastic. After it's done, I immediately tried it on to my supermodel baby.

And look at her smiling and posing in front of the camera. I was multi-tasking that time acting like a clown to make her smile while holding the camera to readily capture those cute smiles.

Well, what can you say about my first ever handmade ribbon hair bow?

Get ready for another two.. that I made last Sunday..

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Can't Get Over with Jade

One of the items listed in my to buy list in China is a jade bracelet. But because I've seen a lot of them in Nanjing and Shanghai, and can't identify which one is real or not, I ended up with none.

I can't get over yet the fact the I wasn't able to buy anything made of jade in China, where it is abundant, instead I made one for myself using jade stones of different shapes that I ordered from my supplier in Divisoria. She is a Chinese business woman and according to her that these green jades are authentic and came from China. It's up for me to believe her or not, but as far as I know the Swarovski crystals and gold-filled components that I got from her are authentic.

It's been months since I held  pliers, I thought I already forgot how to twist wires using them. Anyway, with the jade stones I got from Karen, here's what I came up with. A very easy to do and simple jade bracelet selecting only the flat square and flat hearts shapes.

While I made the first one for myself, the one below was made for my best friend Lorellie. I chose small piece of different shapes for her, I believe she prefers smaller stones.


Since Lorellie is now residing with her family in Calamba, Laguna, I'll be shipping this item for her if I can find time to drop by JRS if not, who knows I might visit the Metro and ask her to meet me there.

In the meantime, I used the two bracelets at the same time for picture purposes.

So what do you think about my latest creation?

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