Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nail Polish: Bobbie Classy and Explosive

I spotted these nail colors at Savemore Supermarket while having my weekly grocery. Because I am a very big fan of anything of “green shade” nail polish, I grabbed one right away. A green shade from Bobbie (Explosive) is a perfect catch.But standing by her side is a Classy shade of purple, this one also caught my attentionhence, these two pretties became part of my nail polish collection.

A few days later, it’s time to try them on. This time around, I asked my helper to do the manicure (yep! She does have the skill, too) and I did the polish application (since she had to sleep early). The first nail polish to try, of course, is the Bobbie Explosive.


I decided not to trim my nails too short. Because I know that Bobbie Explosive will look great on medium length nails. I applied them slowly but surely trying not to make a mess. With one coating, it was pale and uneven, thus, I needed to apply up to 3 coatings to get full coverage.

See, how attractive this nail color on my nails. And the bonus part it, it dried up quickly than expected. I definitely have a new favorite right now. (Pardon, I'm just sooo in love with green)

 Three days later, I decided to change my nail color, hence I chose the other Bobbie nail polish that I have recently purchased. Bobbie Classy is in a darker side of purple. A rich grape color is the correct description. Like the Explosive, I had to apply it up to 3 coatings to obtain full opacity.

These are locally manufactured nail polish, and very much affordable. Though I seldom get them because it takes time for them to dry, especially when I plan to do nail art, but for these, I think I made the right decision to add them in my stash.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Simple Window Curtains

Since I already have my sewing machine, I won’t be contented only with the 1st project I made. I have to go on and do more projects in the future, after all that is the reason why I got the machine in the first place.

But to do that more complicated project, of course I have to start with simple ones, since I have zero skill in sewing. 

What did I choose for the 2nd project? Well, I chose to make simple window curtains. Simple that only requires one kind of fabric, a flat iron, and a sewing machine.

I went to Gaisano City and got an inexpensive Geena Earth cloth that is usually used in making curtains sold in a local department store and thread that will match the fabric color. Later that night, I waited until the kids were asleep, then started my project.

First, I had to iron some areas of the fabric that were wrinkled, measure about 22inches in length, not touching the full width of the fabric on 60”. The 2 of 1 inch is allowable measurement for the edging, the 4 inches I allotted for the top part where the curtain bars will be placed.

Since, I am no expert yet in guiding the fabric for straight stitches using the sewing machine, I had to fold, then iron the edges where I intended to run the needle. Then finally sew the fabric slowly but surely. Yet, I still have about 50% crooked stitches, huh! I need more more practice to get them straight and clean.

After few minutes, tadaaaa! I already made my first simple window curtain.

The next series of so called ‘working nights’ after the kids were in bed, I did the following; cut the rest of the fabric until I have 9 pre-cuts (we have 10 small window panes in total), iron them the next night, and then started sewing for 3 more nights. Overall, I made 10 pieces of curtains in 6 nights. Huh! Not bad I think for a working mom.

Here they are now, already hanged on our windows, still using plastic straw strings because until now I don’t have wooden or metal bars for our window curtains yet.

Anyway, making this project is indeed economical and satisfying. Economical in the sense that, with the 6 meters polyester printed fabric @ P32/meter (P192.00) turned into 10 pieces of 16 inches drop curtains + the thread @ P25. A total of P217 + 6 nights of sewing, indeed I saved about P683.00 because 1 curtain of this kind is sold around P90.00 here in the city. Satisfying because I got to learn another skill to add my other self-learned skills. Yikes! jack of all trades, master of none.. that’s me.. hehehe.

Next time is a simple short-pants for my little boy. Until then!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nail Polish: Bench Wonder Woman Duo (Warrior Princess)

I happened to drop by at Bench the other day, checking out for the cotton undies that I always love when I spotted this cute nail polish duo near the counter.

I don’t have plans on getting a new bottle of nail polish because, I am currently utilizing what I have in my stash that I have purchased a few months/years back when I was so addicted to nail art. But this duo is an exemption, a must try I suppose, hence, I included them in my purchase that day.

My busy schedules these days, does not allow me to clean and paint my nails by myself. I had to get a  few hours every two weeks to visit my favorite salon near the office.

Joy, my favorite “manicurista”does the manicure and pedicure, and every time I visit the salon I bring with me my own nail polish for her to apply on my nails.

Since I just purchased a new set of nail polish from Bench, The Wonder Woman Nail Polish Duo – Warrior Princess,  might as well try them on.

The duo consisted of a sweet shimmering pinkish hue and a lighter shade of gold with fine glittery polish.

For me to wear the two colors at the same time, I opted for accent nails.

The single to double coat is not enough to get full opacity, hence, I went for 3 coating to get this result.

The Warrior Princess Duo looks pretty on my short trimmed nails. And I am sure to use this set from time to time. 

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Unboxing Brother JS-1410 Sewing Machine + First DIY Sewing Project

Every year since two years ago, I always listed sewing machine in my beginning of the year wish list. I really want it, but since it’s not a necessity, I always put it on hold, until last December when I already had a budget to purchase one. And I chose the the Brother JS-1410 Sewing Machine.

This portable free arm sewing machine features 14 built in stitches, top load bobbin, LED lighting and 4-step buttonhole and very light weight that allows you to carry it easily. Since Brother has great care to the environment, this product was designed to consume less power and energy saving. It’s a perfect choice for a person like me who has zero skill in sewing.

The Brother JS-1410 Sewing Machine comes with 1pc buttonhole “A”, 1 pc zigzag foot "J",  1  pc zipper foot “I”, 4 pcs bobbins, needle set, screw diver, foot controller and an instructional dvd.

It took me another 3 months after purchase to finally use it. But before that I have to watch the instructional video over and over again to familiarize myself with the equipment.

Thinking what my first project will be, hubby told me to sew a bed foam cover. The queen size foam needs a new dress since the original one was already very untidy, considering how the kids play, jump and sleep on it.

I don’t have much time to visit the fabric store, so it was hubby who chose and bought the fabric for my first sewing project. He chose a cartoon designed fabric intended for bed sheets and bed cover, hence, the wider width.

I had to measure the foam carefully and repeatedly to get the exact dimension before cutting the fabric. After cutting them, I was anxious yet ready to hit the sewing machine for the first time.

I assumed that making foam cover is very easy, all I need to do is join the cut fabrics using straight stitches. I really thought that straight stitches are the easiest, but I was wrong because mine were really crooked. Hah! More practice!

After 4 hours, the bed cover is done, and it perfectly fits our queen size foam. All smiles here, because I managed to attach the zipper correctly on one side of the cover. Yippee! to beginners luck!

My 1st project is not bad at all and I am now ready to make simple curtains… hehehe

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Experience a Pleasant Online Shopping with iprice

Online shopping started way back in 1979 when Michael Aldrich an employee of Rediffusion Computers invented it alongside with E-commerce and E-business. Over the years online shopping had evolved greatly.  Millions of online shops have emerged in the arena, thus, looking for a specific item you wanted to purchase is like finding a needle in a haystack.  

Thank goodness a group of young individuals created, an online platform, bringing together the top online stores in Southeast Asia today. A One Stop Shopping Destination catering Zalora and Lazada, the two of the most sought out online stores in the country today, including Banana Republic and many others. brings us to a pleasant shopping experience because of the easy to manage visual. Items can be searched either by

Brands. Multitude of renowned brands gathered together and arranged alphabetically for easy finding.

Categories. Items with similar functionality are grouped together in the categories, like clothing, bags, shoes, etc. making it convenient for the online shoppers.

Iprice also allows online shoppers to filter searched items depending on the price range, popularity, stores etc. Indeed very easy and convenient!

And the bonus part is the “Coupon Corner”. iprice really knows what we want, they gave us not only convenience, but as well as providing us the best coupons, deals, promos and voucher codes that we can use. That means, more savings, more shopping. is truly Our One Stop Online Shopping Destination. 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Gift: Jade and Rose Quartz Bangles

One of the few things I wanted to buy as a souvenir in our China trip last year was a jade bangle. But when we arrived in the marketplace, I was mesmerized how abundant the accessories were in color green, the problem was, I can’t identify which ones were real which ones were fake. In the end, I went home without anything made of jade.

On my birthday, hubby made my wish come true, by getting me a jade bangle. Yep! A jade bangle that I chose myself. Hehehe

Actually, I ordered it from my supplier in Manila to get a big discount and hubby will be the one to pay it. Sayang ang discount lol!

And not only a jade bangle, I also got a rose quartz bangle! Yippeee!

Do you know that these precious stones actually have meanings?

Accordingly, Jade is a distinctive stone that promotes wisdom and  peace. A gemstone of stability and healing that relieves anxiety, lighten moods brought about by fear. It calms the nervous system, cleanses the blood and helpful for the kidneys spiritually. It blocks away negative energy or negative influences that may affect the wearer of the stone and attracts friendship and good luck. Jades is said to uphold courage, justice and love. Jade has a lot of colors, green ones are said to be special to people born under the astrological signs of Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius.

I am an Aquarian, probably the reason why I really want it.

Rose quartz on the other hand is called the “Love Stone”, a stone for all kinds of love, like romantic, family, self-love, platonic and unconditional love. It has the strong and high energy to enhance love in any situation. Because of this characteristic, rose quartz are usually used for love spells and charms to attract love. It is also used to heal traumas and emotional wounds in crystal healing spiritually.  

Wow! I never have known that these stones have special meaning and healing properties, until today. Glad I made the right choice and chose Jade and Rose quartz as my new accessories. J

Thank you dearest husband J for the birthday gift and for your unending love to me and our children. Love you so much!

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